URANIA LEILUS is a short (21 min.) film that tells the Trump-era story of a young female journalist who is subjected to death threats and intimidation after witnessing human rights abuses at an ICE detention center for undocumented immigrant children. The film, whose script was a semifinalist in the 2020 BlueCat Screenwriting Competition, premiered at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival in October 2020, and recently screened at the 21st Annual FirstGlance Los Angeles Film Festival (at which lead actress Kate Garfield received a Nomination for Best Breakout Performance).

urania.....kate garfield

david.....britt michael gordon

ice agent 1.....matt riker

ice agent 2.....connor wright

ice agent 3.....dash barber

ice agent 4.....will van moss

bartender.....anthony bourray

migrant child.....emperor kaioyus

melinda james.....kristin eliasberg

suspicious-looking man.....james garrison

writer/director.....andrew serban

cinematographer.....predrag dubravcic

composer/sound designer.....james hall

production designer.....madeline rocco

executive producer.....andrew serban

editor.....soojin chung

editor.....andrew serban

assistant director.....edmar flores

assistant producer.....nora bode

assistant producer.....jacob karim

key makeup artist.....leona ross

union payroll.....jen emma hertel

production assistant.....andrea lia

production assistant.....drew longo

special thanks.....nathan lim

special thanks.....carlo renzulli

The film is intended to be a warning about what might happen when a seemingly stable democracy succumbs to far-right extremists and descends into fascism and barbarism — when immigrant children are ripped from their parents and locked up in cages without adequate food or medical care; when journalists and dissidents are regarded as “enemies of the people”, to be harassed, intimidated or "disappeared" by unidentified agents in unmarked vehicles — all of which have occurred (and continue to occur) in authoritarian regimes and have recently occurred in the United States. The film tells the story of a courageous young journalist who — in spite of being pushed to the brink by the atrocities she has witnessed and the death threats that follow — somehow finds the courage to stand tall in the face of radical evil.